South Portland isn’t the only community where year-round residents and long-term renters are feeling the impact. All across America and throughout many of the larger cities in the world neighbors are struggling to maintain and  preserve the quality of life in residential neighborhoods. We are all in the same boat when it comes to the mass marketing and insurgence of Short-Term Rentals.

Here in South Portland:

South Portland Voters Endorse Ordinances – Maine Public November 9, 2018

South Portland Moves to Enforce – Press Herald article November 7, 2018

South Portland Voters Uphold STR Rules – Portland Press Herald article November 6, 2018

South Portland – Press Herald article October 31, 2018

South Portland – Press Herald article June 2018

Here are some links to articles describing the challenges
elsewhere in Maine and worldwide:

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Book review:

“What’s Yours Is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy by Tom Slee”